Thoughts To Destiny

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 “I wish I was thinner…”
“I wish I wasn’t so dumb….”
“I wish I was…..”

Do you ever struggle with negative thoughts? I know I certainly have from time to time. I sometimes doubt my intelligence or my looks or I’ll even avoid opportunities simply because I doubt my ability to do the task well.

Have you done this before?

Negative thinking can cripple us into shying away from doing the things that we are destined to do but we don’t,  simply because we are believing a lie.
It’s ok to admit that we all have weaknesses and that we aren’t the best in every single thing-but when we start to talk down to ourselves and mentally and emotionally abuse ourselves-then we are doing something wrong.

So don’t let your negative thinking cripple you one more day.

Catch my episode on TMEC Radio as I talk with Lisa and Virna Santos from By Beholding His Love Ministries as we talk about “Thoughts to Destiny”, which is all about how we can transform our thinking and begin to find freedom from our negative thoughts.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

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