Starting Christmas Traditions

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 Traditions are so much fun to celebrate! They create a sense of belonging and create a culture within your family or your friendship circles and it’s the best place to create memories that last long after everyone is gone.

Traditions create strong bonds and give everyone something to look forward to and I’m sure you would agree.
Does your family or your friends have any traditions that you do? Maybe your family has Friday night (or Sunday night) dinners every week. Or maybe your girlfriends and you meet together for a movie and dinner once a month. Or maybe you have a tradition that you do alone, like every Saturday night is your time to read for 2 hours with no interruptions.

Christmas is one of the holidays where even families who never celebrate traditions will create them or have a few that they do each Christmas. Some families have a particular dish that their parents make only once a year, on Christmas and the whole family looks forward to that day just for because they know they’ll get some yummy treats!

Why not start a fun family Christmas tradition this year or add to your traditions that you already observe! You don’t have to wait until you’re married or until you’ve had children or until you’re children are older-you can start having fun and living YOUR life today!

Here are some ideas that I hope inspire you!!

1. Christmas Dinner Host a Christmas dinner or lunch at your house! Invite your friends and family and have a great time together, talking and hanging out!

2. Volunteer Take the kids out or gather some friends together and go out to a shelter or a community center to offer to help on Christmas day. Maybe you can pass out socks to the homeless or bring a warm plate of food to them. Or maybe you can even host a Christmas dinner FOR the homeless at your church!

3. Invite one person Start a tradition where everyone in your family has to invite at least one person over for Christmas dinner. It can be a stranger or a dear friend or someone they know is alone this season, this way every year-you get to know more people. Better yet, invite a neighbor!

4. 1 Per Gift Instead of buying multiple gifts for everyone in your family, why not start a tradition where you can only buy one gift per person. Christmas is MORE than just focusing on receiving gifts. Now this may be a REALLY hard thing to do but it will also mean that you’ll put a TON more thought into your gift since you know it has to REALLY matter to the person receiving it. Plus, you’ll get to save a lot of money as well!

5. Watch A Movie Some families get together and watch, “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “The Sound of Music” every single Christmas. Why not start doing that with your family! It doesn’t have to be a Christmas themed movie, it can just be a family favorite!

6. Dramatic Reading This is one REALLY fun activity where everyone picks their favorite Christmas books and then reads it aloud to the family but in a dramatic fashion. Really sell the book you know? Own the role of the character and put your heart into it! 🙂 Even better, film it!! That will be something your whole family will LOVE to watch every year! Book ideas: The Christmas Story, The Nutcracker

7. See A Play! Go out and watch a class Christmas play or see a musical! Does your town put on the Nutcracker every year? Go and watch it! Or do you live in New York? Go see the Rockettes!

8. Take Family Pictures Most families take Christmas pictures each year to send out to their loved ones so you may already do this. However, if you’re unmarried-I still urge you to do this! Every year go and take pictures either alone OR with your friends! Grab your closest friends and split the costs of a package and make your memories!

9. Go Caroling Some people still do this activity and it is really fun! Grab the neighborhood kids and families and go singing around your neighborhood spreading holiday cheer!

10. Decorate the Tree Together Don’t decorate the tree until the entire family is together! So if that means your kids are away at college, why not decorate the family tree together when they get home? You may not want to wait that long so another idea may be to decorate the rest of the house only when the kids are all home so you can do it together!

11. Drive Around To See the Lights When I was younger, my family and I used to love to go around the neighborhood and drive around to see the lights. So take your kids out on a ride and see all the lovely handiwork that others are doing this season!

12. Host a Christmas Party Christmas parties are so fun and if you have the means to hold them, why not have one this year! Better yet, host an “awful Christmas sweater” Christmas party where everyone has to bring the ugliest Christmas sweater that they can find and whoever wins can get a prize or just the bragging rights!

What are some traditions that your family has every Christmas? Let me know down in the comments below!!


2 thoughts on “Starting Christmas Traditions

  1. Thank you Lindsey for commenting! I love the idea of camping out in the livingroom! I used to love to do that as a kid!! And that's especially fun to do on Christmas Eve! I'll have to remember that tradition! Thank you for sharing!! And I'll be sure to check out your site as well!!

  2. Our kids are just old enough to start doing Christmas traditions. We have a camp-out in the Living Room on Christmas Eve and we've been going through the Truth in Tinsel book which has been great! Lindsey @

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