Ain’t No Stopping Us Now

 My family recently lost a loved one. It was a tragic unexpected event. So many things were a whirl in those couple of days.    
My aunt had just lost her son. His wife had just become a newly minted young widow.

I helped out in terms of certain preparations that needed to be taken care of for the funeral. As I sat in a relative’s house during one of those preparation days, waiting for the two aforementioned ladies to get ready to go and make some necessary arrangements, I remember watching these ladies and their actions, and being in awe.
The young widow, amidst her despair and hurt and tears, got up from where she was sitting and proceeded to the kitchen. She started tidying up, putting food away, washing dishes, wiping down tables, making sure things were in their place, working hard as I’ve always seen her do, in this house that was not her own.
A couple minutes later, I hear my broken-hearted aunt making phone calls, telling the person on the other end what dishes needed to be cooked and what cleaning responsibilities needed to be taken care of. As the director of the kitchen ministries at her church, she was making sure the proper preparations for Sabbath’s lunch were being made.
As simple as it may seem, I looked at these two females, trying to imagine faintly what they must have been feeling at that moment, what they had felt in the previous moments, and what they would be feeling in the days to come. And yet, despite their recent hurt, they had to keep on living, being selfless, even in the midst of their current chaos.
And it made me think how funny life is. It has no regard for your situation. No matter what is going on in your life, you still have to keep on living, keep on fulfilling your duties, answering to the different calls made towards you.
Sometimes, we don’t always have the desire to do so. There’s no motivation, no oomph to keep on going, no present interest, or possibly even thoughts of efforts being in vain.
And it is in those moments that it’s so soothing to remember that joy comes in the morning; that there is a strength that comes from God who gives us His all.

Life is not fair; that’s a lesson that has been tested throughout time. But when it does decide to not be fair, I hope you can rest assured in God’s promises and continue moving forward, no matter what. Life’s not going to stop, but you don’t have to keep moving on your own.

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