Giving Back This Season…

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Christmas isn’t just about presents and shopping, it’s about remembering Christ’s birth (which of course should also be remembered ALL throughout the year) and it’s also about sharing His love with others.

Giving back is an excellent way to share His love this holiday season and it’s an easy way to help those who are less fortunate. There are many families who are feeling the pressure of the holiday season and want to provide a great Christmas for their loved ones but do not have the means.

You can show love this season with these 5 ideas!

1. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

  • If you don’t really have the finances to help, why not give your time? It may seem inconvenient but the impact that you will make on the people around you will truly bless you! 

2. Adopt a family

  • Ask your pastor in your church or another church leader if there is a family that you know needs help right now and provide for them. Maybe buy them a box filled with food or buy their children toys and clothes. Or you can check your local Salvation Army because they have a program where community members can assist a family with their Christmas needs.

3. Donate

  • Consider donating to a cause or a charity that you truly believe in this Christmas. Non profit organizations are also needing Christmas gifts and many of them are trying to get their finances in order to finish out the year, so why not bless by giving of your time or finances? You can even help TMEC this Christmas!

4. Donate your closet clutter

  • Have you gone through your closets and realized that you’ve outgrown some things? Why not donate them to a local shelter or community center. There are many people without simple things like socks, sweaters, gloves, and hats and your clothing could be a huge treasure to those who need it.

5. Visit a nursing home

  • There are many elderly in nursing homes that will not have any family members to come by and visit them. So why not stop by and spend some time chatting with them, many of them LOVE to have visitors, they truly do and they are very kind. You can even put on a program and invite the children from your church or neighborhood to put on a Christmas play and gift them with pictures they’ve made, etc. 

All of these activities are great to do alone or with your family. Children can learn the value of giving back to the people in their community and will feel happy to bring smiles to other people’s faces. 🙂


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