Maintaining Energy During Holidays

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Although the holidays are really exciting, it can become draining really fast when you have to cook for all your family, hang out with your friends, buy gifts, dress up for parties, clean the house for guests, prepare the holiday program at your church, etc. etc!

I know that many of you are facing this reality and trying to figure out, how in the world can you keep your energy up to last you through this season, so I am hoping that these suggestions will help you!

Pace Yourself this is easier said then done but don’t forget to do it! When you find yourself rushing or getting anxious or easily upset, stop for a second and literally just breathe. Concentrate on breathing in and then breathing out and clear your mind of everything so you can then get back to what you need to do. It’s simple but it is very effective.

Avoid multi-tasking often people think that if they do multiple things at a time they will be more likely to accomplish everything they need to but research shows that multi-tasking can actually cause more anxiety and it can cause you to not do your tasks well.
So instead try to do things one at a time before you put your hands in too many pots at a time, it’s a foreign concept for many but it’s ultimately more beneficial for you and your sanity.

Remember the reason when you’re running from store to store, it’s easy to forget the entire reason you’re doing this.
Christmas is a chance for you to reflect on Christ’s birth and what that means for you and your family. Do not forget that. Remember how God’s gift to you has benefitted you and has given you the chance to experience eternal life with Him for all of eternity. Take time to reflect on that at least once a day.

Enjoy the time with your family Christmas also means children aren’t in school and so don’t forget to actually cherish the free time you now have with your family.
Watch movies, play board games, go for a walk, cook a meal together in the kitchen. It may seem like a burden to have the kids at home or to go home to your parents, but this is a time for you and your family to spend time that you don’t normally have together. This is the time that memories are made and remembered long after you’re gone, don’t forget that.

Avoid fighting Having the family altogether can cause some tension and that’s natural but try to make it a point in your heart to avoid fighting with your family members.
This does not mean hide your feelings or ignore problems, it only means that when you notice that something isn’t right, determine in your own mind that you want to resolve the problem with love. Make it your goal to arrive at a healthy conclusion for you and your loved one instead of trying to just be right or prove the other person wrong.

Don’t neglect yourself Be sure to get enough sleep, eat the right amount of fruits and vegetables (I say this because with all the junk food we tend to eat around this season, make an extra effort to eat more fruits and vegetables), stay hydrated by drinking enough water since your skin will probably be dry from all the cold weather, and treat yourself this season by going to the spa or getting a manicure but don’t forget to treat yourself well this season.


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