Long Distance Christmas Celebration

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net

Some families aren’t able to spend the holidays together due to distance. Maybe your parents live far away or your spouse is overseas.

Don’t feel like you can’t still enjoy the holidays together simply because you’re not with the person you love right now. Here are a few ways that you can spend the holiday season!

  • Celebrate it early…If you know that you are going to be separated from your loved one, then why not celebrate the holiday early? Open the gifts, put on some holiday music and have a great time with your loved ones
  • Mail your gifts…are your parents far away and you want to make sure they still feel loved from your children and your spouse? Then mail their gifts beforehand so they can get it and place it under their tree to open for Christmas then or mail a Christmas care package filled with all their favorite traditional Christmas favorites like candy canes, Christmas music, etc. then….
  • Use Skype…skye is a free service that anyone can use all over the world! So get out your webcam and skype with your friends and family on Christmas day and open your presents together. Skype is even available on the iPhone for FREE so download it in the app store today so you can be ready when it’s time
  • Make a Video…Make a video of you and your family opening gifts together and mail it to your loved ones so they can see how you spent your Christmas and they can do the same. You can send it to each other and see how the other person spent their Christmas or…
  • Make a picture book…use a service like Shutterfly or the photo services at stores like CVS and create a picture book filled with the pics you took from Christmas day and send it to them! I can assure you that they will love it and cherish it for years to come.
Do you have any ideas on how to spend Christmas with your long distance loves? Share them down in the comments below!

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