How to Control Winter Weight…

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Between the holiday parties, the staying in, the less exercise because it’s cold and it gets darker earlier, I’m sure you’re probably doing a whole lot of eating but not enough exercise.

Don’t beat yourself up over it though, instead let’s start to work towards staying healthy and active this season!

1. Portion Control….because you want to stay warm and comfy, it can be tempting to curl up on the couch with a good book and a huge cup of hot cocoa, a slice of pumpkin pie, and a huge dose of macaroni. Comfort food has a way of making us feel cozy but be careful because there’s a ton of calories in those food items. You don’t have to withhold yourself from having it, but just make a point to watch your portion sizes.

2. Schedule work outs…it’s tempting to come up with really great excuses for not exercising (ie, “it’s too cold to go running!”) but you know what, it’s cold every winter! Instead of coming up with excuses, come up with solutions. Prepare ahead of time, make sure your work out clothes are ready and you set a time and location of where you can exercise. Also, use DVD’s or even Youtube to exercise at home!

3. Fill up on fruits & vegetables & salads…hungry for a snack? Fill up on fruits and vegetables instead. Another tip, keep candy and chocolatey goods out of your house if you know that you’re going to be attending a lot of holiday parties that will probably supply those items anyway.

4. Have an accountability partner & work out together/hold each other accountable for portion control…ok, so I know that it’s hard to exercise in the winter and I know you’re probably tired of me saying don’t make excuses…so how about this for a solution, get a workout partner. Meet up with one another and you’ll be more likely to stick to your fitness goals.

5. Count your calories…you can’t go wrong by just watching your calorie intake. You can use apps like LoseIt! or Fitness Pal on your phone and some of these apps allow you to use your camera to keep a record of what you’ve eaten all day!

6. Save for leftovers….I know it’s tempting to eat all of the food that you’ve made in one sitting but instead, save a plate for later. As soon as you finish cooking and setting the table for your family, put away the leftovers and instead leave out fruit for dessert. When the food’s already put away, you’ll be less likely to eat more than you should.

7. Schedule your meals….if you know you’re going to a party later on that night then prepare yourself beforehand. Have an appetizer at home so you won’t be starving when you go somewhere. You’ll be less likely to overeat then. Eat a smaller meal if you know you have a huge dinner you’re going to later on that night, conserve your calories

I hope these tips help you this Winter!


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