Letting Go of Fear!

I'm afraid time comes to eat me.

(Photo credit: LaPetiteTwinkie)

Fear is not one of my favorite emotions and I’m sure you can agree…I see it as a bother most times and a struggle to deal with.

Often people think I’m pretty fearless, but I’m actually not as courageous as many think I am.
I get afraid of trying new things or saying what I truly think in case someone doesn’t like what I have to say and so this causes me to (1) not experience life (and my relationships) to its fullest and (2) to sometimes get very bored since I do the same thing (the safe thing) over and over again.

I’ve always admired individuals who are bold and daring and don’t let the opinions of others determine every move that they are going to make. I admire the courage that many Bible characters had when they chose to trust God and walk in faith and obedience even when there was no promise of safety. And in the few moments where I have chosen to be brave, I have been blessed to experience such wonderful feelings of accomplishment and surety just because I was willing to do something that scared me.
But lately, I have been feeling inspired to learn how to overcome fear and to actively work on trying to do things that I normally avoid doing.

If you want to learn how to overcome your fears along with me, here are a few steps that I am going to be taking….

  • Do one thing that scares you once a week: Every week, choose to do at least one thing that you wouldn’t normally do. It doesn’t have to be huge steps of faith, it can simply be trying out a new food or saying hello to that guy you’ve been wanting to talk to. Take the time out to actually do something that you normally would find an excuse to not do
  • Take one step towards conquering one fear once a week: I’m sure you have a fear that is really huge, maybe you’re afraid of heights or bugs. Each week, until you’re not afraid, do something that will help you to address this fear. Get creative and ask your friends how they can help you do this
  • Memorize verses on courage: Don’t underestimate the wonderful peace that God can provide when we ask. Search through the Bible for verses on courage, strength, and fear and put them around the house so you see them frequently and choose to actively recite them to memory
  • Try something new once a day: Are you seeing a pattern? I hope so! You don’t get over fear just by saying, “one day”, you get over it by taking steps TODAY.
  • Be Ok With the Uncomfortable One of my closest friend mentioned that he needed to learn how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable and that phrase really stuck with me. Often times we run away from things simply because we’re uncomfortable but it’s in those moments when we aren’t really comfortable that we grow and blossom into beautiful creatures! So make this your mantra and you’ll be on your way to overcoming your fears in no time!

If you weren’t afraid, what would you do? Let me know in the comments below!


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