Leaving Your Past Behind…

Image Courtesy of [Andy Newson]/Freedigitalphotos.net
My son recently celebrated his 1st birthday. We were all excited to celebrate this new chapter in his life. Family and friends sent gifts, phone called, sent messages, skype and facetime to share in his special day with him. We had a cake, balloons, party hats, confetti, candles and lots of fun. 
As expected when babies celebrate their first birthday many anticipate them taking their first steps on their own. I get this question all the time “How old is he? Is he walking yet?” I am not one to compare my child to other babies/children because I believe all babies are individuals and will eventually reach various developmental stages at the right time. 
My little one is walking, exploring, and getting into EVERYTHING 🙂 He just hasn’t mustered up the courage to let go of the object he’s holding onto and walk on his own yet. He will hold your hand and walk, he will follow the wall for assistance, he will use his walker, but he won’t venture out there and walk on his own yet. 
I am so excited for the day when he will build up the courage to let go and walk all on his own (I know this will also be the beginning of the end lol). I know that one day he will realize “I can do this” and he will. 
With the beginning of a New Year there are so many new challenges, new beginnings, new obstacles, new chapters in life to look forward to. And just like my little one we have to build up the courage to let go of the past and move on without looking back
We also have to be brave enough to realize that we may fall a few times before we get it right but the important thing is to not give up and continue believing in yourself
The thing we are waiting on to change or come to pass may not happen when we think it should but who is to say it won’t happen at all. Patience is surely a virtue – one I am still learning :). I am hopeful that at the right time and moment, my baby boy will let go of whatever he is holding onto and walk on his own. At that moment I know I won’t be able to stop him. 
Likewise God is trying to get some of us to let go of past hurt, pain, tough times, financial debt, unhealthy living habits, etc. and look forward to the wonderful blessings He has in store for us if we would only LET GO and LET GOD be in control. He is so excited to see us blossom and step out there courageously walking in the new light He has given us.
Until babies learn how to do things on their own they need the support and help of their parents. Once they have it down pack most of the time they no longer need the assistance. We are God’s children and He is so good that no matter how old we get He is always there and we will always need Him. Why not make 2013 the year of honestly letting go of everything that is holding you back from a closer walk with God. Make Him number one. There may be some bumps and obstacles along the way but He will see to it that you make it through.
Hebrews 13:5
Nashanda M. Clarke

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