Valentine’s Day Movie Night Ideas!

Image Courtesy of [marin]/

Image Courtesy of [marin]/

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably not exactly rolling in the dough right now.

So maybe you’re trying to figure out exactly what you can do to make this upcoming day of love special and I think one great idea is to make it a movie night!

Whether you make it a date night or a friend’s night, grab some dinner (or make it together!), and watch 2-3 movies together! You can even dress down in your pajamas or dress up in your best outfits!

For your snacks you can eat your valentine’s day candy or get some popcorn kernels and place a handful in a brown paper bag, pop it in the microwave for less than 2 minutes at a time (be sure to watch since each microwave varies) and you’ll have a delicious (and healthier) snack!

Not sure what movies to watch? Well here are a couple of suggestions. Now I included some movies that aren’t your typical “couple/romance/love stories” because Valentine’s is about LOVE-and that’s not exclusive to only those in an exclusive relationship. So here are some feel good movies that you can enjoy with your significant other or your friends!

I’ll also include the major themes within the movie that make it perfect for Valentine’s!

1. Babe (Learning how to truly love and accept yourself for all the wonderful things you are!)
2. Beauty and The Beast (Learning to get past the exterior & to let other people see and accept you for you really are)
3. Cinderella (Never give up, even if life seems difficult)
4. Lady and the Tramp (Even dogs can find love! lol)
5. The Notebook (True love is about loyalty)
6. A Walk To Remember (Love isn’t always perfect but it’s worth it)

7. Toy Story (The love between a boy and his toys-the greatest love story!)
8. Anne of Green Gables (Growing up & learning about life and love and faith)
9. Fireproof (Love means commitment)
10. I Am Sam (The love between a father and daughter)
11. Titanic (Love will always go on….)
12. The Last Song (First love, second chances, and father/daughter relationships)

13. Selena (Love means pursuing your dreams)
14. The Other Sister (Love is not limited to only certain people)
15. The Holiday (Love can come at unexpected times)
16. Beaches (The love between two amazing best friends)
17. Steel Magnolia’s (Another great movie about love between true friends of all generations & friendships that go through everything together)
18. Stepmom (The love between blended families overcoming difficult trials)

Do you have any movies that you can’t wait to watch this Valentine’s Day? Share it down below!


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