Rekindle the Romance In Your Relationship!

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 Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s time to show your loving spouse some appreciation and love! But with the demands of children, careers, church, etc. it can seem like romance is the last thing on your mind.

But it’s important that you take some time to love one another and to learn more about each other. It’s tempting to think that when you’ve been in a long term relationship with someone, you know everything there is to know about them but you can always learn more!

Here are few ways that you can truly enjoy Valentine’s Day!

  1.  Find A Hobby to do together. It’s great to have hobbies that you enjoy doing on your own, but find something that you both enjoy and regularly do. It can be working out or taking a karate class together or maybe take a painting class together.
  2. Ask open-ended questions about their childhood, dog, thoughts, favorite events, etc. When we first start dating someone, we ask a ton of questions. Don’t assume that you know everything there is to know about them, ask them questions! Avoid questions that are easily answered with a “yes or no”. Example, “Did you enjoy your day today?” is a yes or no question. Ask instead, “What was your favorite part of your day?”
  3. Don’t cut them off when they speak It’s tempting to start speaking when you get excited and you want to share too, but let them speak and then you speak.
  4. Read a book together Pick up something that you both like and every night before bed, read it out loud together
  5. Tell them you missed them today Simple enough right? And yet we often forget to do something so simple.
  6. Say, “I appreciate when you…” Actually let them know when you appreciate them.
  7. Say, “I love you”Again, we forget to use these simple words but they mean SO much more.
  8. Ask your spouse out on a date-like actually ask, “would you like to go on a date with me?”Sometimes date night can become routine, so actually “ask” their permission. It feels nice to be asked!
  9. Express genuine interest in their hobbies When we first start dating someone, we want to know all their favorite things and we’ll actually even join their hobbies sometimes-even though we KNOW we have no idea what we’re doing. Somewhere along the way though, we stop doing things like that. So if he loves basketball-ask about his favorite teams and even maybe….
  10. Watch sports/shows together sit down in the living room and actually watch a game together! Don’t just leave him alone and you go clean or spend time with the children-do it together!
  11. Hold hands After being with someone for so long, simple touches that once seemed incredibly amazing-stop happening. So do something simple, just hold hands and appreciate that.
  12. Go to bed together at least once a week Just set a night that you’re both going to go to bed at the same time. Have pillow talk, read together, catch up, but take some time before bed to be together.
  13. Make their lunch (bonus, put a note in it) You may already do this but take some time to make their lunch and to show some extra love-put a note of appreciation in their box.



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