It’s All About Perspective

Image Courtesy of [Michal Marcol]/

Image Courtesy of [Michal Marcol]/

 I think one of the things that many of us wish we could stop dealing with is judgement from others. I know there have been moments in my life where I have been judged for my choices and it has caused me tons of stress and has hurt my feelings.

We all want to be liked and appreciated and even respected for doing things the way that we do, but sometimes we just won’t get that. We can try to please everyone but it’s simply not possible.

So what should we do?
Should we pout every time someone is negative about us? Should we yell at anyone who talks down on our choices and insults us?

No. I think one thing we have to keep in perspective is that everyone’s life is going to be different. We are all unique and no two journey’s are alike. Even people who have grown up in the same household, with the same parents, and have had the same life experiences will still have differing ways of handling life’s challenges.

Just because someone does something in a manner that we don’t completely understand or agree with, we don’t have to judge them or think their actions are dumb simply because they aren’t what we would do.

We have to allow people room to grow into who they are and into their own choices. Trust that God is in control and thus will lead them down the right path as well as protect them from anything He doesn’t deem helpful for their growth.

Instead of judging….pray for them and their choices. Listen to them and help them identify what may be the next best thing to do. Accept whatever choice they make and don’t end your friendship with someone simply because they do not agree with you. Don’t talk about them behind their backs to your other friends in a negative way. Express your concern with love and remind them constantly that you are only concerned because you love them and you want to see them happy.

You will win more in your friendships and relationships if you practice love and acceptance and allow room for individuality than if you judge.


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