How To Start a Blog

Image Courtesy of [Marcus]/

Image Courtesy of [Marcus]/

 I’ve had a few people ask me how to start a blog after reading my blog posts. I definitely have to say that it is such an honor that people would see me as someone worth asking! 🙂

So I thought I would create an entire post dedicated to helping you create a great blog site where you can share your thoughts with the world!

There are are many opportunities that can come from blogging. Not only is it a place for you to explore your own thoughts and share your hobbies with others but you can also share your expertise and even start your own career-all through blogging. There are many success stories of people who once started blogging in their pj’s in the living room and now work at fashion magazines or write advice columns for magazines all because they were consistent with their writing and were ready for opportunity when it came knocking.

So how can you get started? Well I love writing in lists because it just makes life so much easier so here’s a few tips that I hope will help you.

  1. Choose something you’re passionate about. Write down some topics that you love to discuss with others. Focus on the things that you literally cannot stop talking about whenever someone gets you started. That could be fashion, giving advice, animals, parenting, health, whatever! Write down everything you can think of and then you’ll have a better idea of the things that you may want to share on your blog. You’ll be less likely to run out of material if you talk about the things you love AND people will be able to read how passionate you are through your writing.
  2. Start with only a few areas. It’s tempting to just start writing about every single thing that you love but instead try to pick 4-5 things that you really love talking about. This way your blog will stay organized AND you won’t feel so overwhelmed when you first start. You can tie everything together eventually but start off with only focusing on a few topics that you really love
  3. Create outlines. This is definitely one area of writing that I quickly take for granted but this is SO helpful when you’re trying to organize your thoughts and make your points clear AND it’s a great way to remember everything you want to say. So create an outline of what points you want to make in your blog post
  4. Create a folder/binder where you can store things. You can do this through creating folders on your computer or in a binder. I actually like writing by hand more than I like to type so I like to create my outlines and then place them in a binder that I can organize. This helps me to also see (later on) what topics I have discussed and I can also schedule in when I want to post each blog.
  5. A binder is also helpful for other things….such as for holding in any articles from magazines that maybe inspire you to create your own post. You may read an article in a magazine and think, I want to write about this too! I have some wisdom I want to share and so you can keep the post so you can use it as inspiration. If you do write anything “word for word” though-be sure to cite it in your post and maybe like to the website of the magazine it came from.
  6. Create a name for your blog. You may just want to name your blog after you, I’ve done that here on this blog or you may want to name it something that’s more descriptive of what you’re trying to do. It’s up to you
  7. Find a site. You can use places like blogger, Xanga, or WordPress or even someplace else. I’ve used all of the above and more and I have to say that WordPress definitely takes the cake! I love that it’s very easy to use but it’s also so detailed that you can really customize your site just the way you want it. If you have specific questions about the different places, let me know in the comments
  8. Start blogging! Make your first post whatever you want! It could be about you so your audience can get to know you or you can just hop right on in and start writing about the things you’ve created outlines from. It’s all up to you!
  9. Share your blog! There are wonderful things called “blog link up parties” where you can actually connect with other bloggers and share a link to your blog so you can find readers as well as find your own favorites to read. There are TONS out there that are available to “attend”. For a list of my favorite blog link up parties, check out this list. 
  10. Comment on other people’s blogs. Make sure that you comment on other people’s blogs too, this is a great way to (1) encourage the writer to continue to write now that they know people are reading it and (2) to make friends who may in turn come and visit your site. Honestly, don’t underestimate the power of friendships that started online, I have found quite a few friends through youtube and through my blogs and I have to say that I truly appreciate their support and encouragement. Plus they can really understand where I’m coming from if my internet endeavors are frustrating me or I’m feeling discouraged. So be sure to go out there and make friends!

Have a question or a tip? Share your thoughts down in the comments below! I’m sure I’ll talk more on this topic in the future as well!!

Have a great day!!


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