Friday Favorites & Link Up Party!

FridayFavoritesframe And here we are! At yet another wonderful Friday! I hope each of you had a great week, I actually had a good week. It was a little up and down with some things but all in all-its’ been a good week. I have found many things to inspire me this week that I will be including in today’s Friday Favorites.

I just LOVE when I feel inspired and there are so many ways that inspiration strikes me. Whether it’s a blog post that I really connect with, a new singer that I’ve found, or just taking a moment to sit and read a good book.

Ok so enough chit chat-let’s get into the Friday Favorites and as usual, my the Friday Favorites Link Up Party is down below so if you want to link up any of your blogs to share-feel free to do so!!

Favorite Indie Singer

Favorite Quote
Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it. – Bill Cosby

Favorite Blog

Calhoun "Callie"

Calhoun “Callie”

12 Lessons My Cats Have Taught Me (I know I wrote this but honestly-my cats are too cute!)




Favorite Lessons

Photo courtesy of HBO

Photo courtesy of HBO


5 Things Beyonce Taught Us About Living Our Dream






Alright so share your blogs and be sure to check out other people’s blogs too! You may find some new people to follow!


What Are Your Thoughts?

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