The Key To Happiness

Image Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

Image Courtesy of Apartment Therapy

 Everyone wants to be happy. Even the people who seem to enjoy misery-they want to be happy-even if their happiness is a little off-center. 🙂 But everyone wants to be happy, myself included.

I’m going to get a little real with everyone in this post, so beware. 🙂

Lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of “crisis”. Not the kind that are horrible or harmful-just the kind where things are changing more rapidly than you can keep up with. My spiritual beliefs are changing, my personal beliefs are changing, my perspective, my friendships, my identity, all of it is changing-at the same time. And it’s definitely stressful and scary.

I’m one of those people though that believes that every single thing that happens in our life serves a purpose and a reason. Every negative and positive shapes us for the bigger picture and it’s up to us to remember that and find joy in that if we want it. When I keep that in mind, it reminds me then that I don’t have to be sad when life changes in ways that I didn’t expect it because it’s all going to serve its purpose and show me it’s purpose in the moment it’s supposed to.
It provides hope for me when I feel like there is none.

So lately I have been feeling very confused about how I can take advantage of opportunities now to ensure that I have a great future. I don’t want to miss the chances that I have now because there are many people who don’t have the chances I have right now so I want to live it up. I want to make wise choices that lead to a bright future. However, how do I do that? How do I ensure that I make wise choices?

As I have been plaguing myself with those particular questions and then more questions that stemmed from those, I found myself getting sad and overwhelmed.

But now after spending too much time worrying and stressing-I realize that I need to change my perspective. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities and the fear that I won’t take advantage of the right opportunities or that I’ll get stuck and never move forward and thus never find happiness-I need to focus on the amazing fact that I have the time to consider life. 

I have the time to grow and turn into whoever I want. I have the time to explore who I am and what it is what I want. I have time to create my own perspective and belief system that isn’t influenced by other people. I have space to flex my invisible wings and become whoever I want to be. That’s an amazing gift that many people don’t have and have never even seen.

When you count your blessings, you’re more likely to find yourself in a happier place. When you stop to consider the great things that are happening in your life-wherever your life is right now-you will find joy. And it will stay.

Want to be happy? count your blessings.

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4 thoughts on “The Key To Happiness

  1. Dear Alexandrea, I too am going through lots of stuff and have made a similar realization! Perhaps we all are being asked to grow in spirit! So many are dealing with so much right now. Thank you for your insight. I have linked to your blog from mine as you have stated so much that I’d like to share with my readers! Thank you again. Your thoughts and realizations will help many find their own inner happiness. As each of becomes “realized” we help others!

  2. I can relate to you on your feelings, I believe many people can. We all go through change, pain, confusion. I think you touched on it eloquently by stating “Want to be happy, count your blessings.” Feel free to check out my posting “Money can’t buy me…” you may find some similarities.

    Happy blogging,


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