How Do I Start A Youtube Channel?

ID-10097641 Recently one of my subscribers from youtube sent me a message asking me 3 questions

  • how to start a Youtube channel
  • What kind of channel should she create
  • and then what should she use for a background

I took the opportunity to answer her question and even give out a youtube secret that many youtubers use!

Check out my answer in the video below!

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one with some tips for Rachel, what tips do you have for her? I’d love to hear from you down in the comments!

For some people the hardest part about starting a youtube channel is deciding where to actually film. Choosing a background can be a little difficult if you think too much but let’s just slow it down and get creative!

There are TONS of ideas you could use for a background.

1. Go Outside Visit your park and sit on the bench with your camera in front of you on the tripod or someone holding it for you. Or maybe you want to do a video where you’re walking, then do that and of course you’ll definitely need a camera man. The lighting in this is usually GREAT (just make sure the sun is BEHIND the camera man and not behind you because then you’ll blind the viewers and they won’t be able to see you….) but you’ll be at the mercy of the weather. Check out my first video to get an example of some outside shots….

2. Use Colored Background I have also used just a three sided poster board for my background. Can you believe it? I know! It’s crazy but it’s true! It’s a cost effective way to get the look and feel you want without spending an arm and a leg. Check out this example I have here. And also one of my friends, Heather Traska, who has an AMAZING voice, she’s used colored poster board as well. Check out her video here!

3. Use A Wall With Decals On It You can also just sit in front of a beautiful wall that has decals on it and that may give you a easy and professional look.

I’d love to hear from you, what are some background ideas that you can think of? Share down below!!

If YOU have a question you want featured in the next video, then be sure to send me a message straight to my Youtube inbox!

See you guys next time!

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