How Do I Start A Youtube Channel?

ID-10097641 Recently one of my subscribers from youtube sent me a message asking me 3 questions

  • how to start a Youtube channel
  • What kind of channel should she create
  • and then what should she use for a background

I took the opportunity to answer her question and even give out a youtube secret that many youtubers use!

Check out my answer in the video below!

Now I’m sure I’m not the only one with some tips for Rachel, what tips do you have for her? I’d love to hear from you down in the comments!

For some people the hardest part about starting a youtube channel is deciding where to actually film. Choosing a background can be a little difficult if you think too much but let’s just slow it down and get creative!

There are TONS of ideas you could use for a background.

1. Go Outside Visit your park and sit on the bench with your camera in front of you on the tripod or someone holding it for you. Or maybe you want to do a video where you’re walking, then do that and of course you’ll definitely need a camera man. The lighting in this is usually GREAT (just make sure the sun is BEHIND the camera man and not behind you because then you’ll blind the viewers and they won’t be able to see you….) but you’ll be at the mercy of the weather. Check out my first video to get an example of some outside shots….

2. Use Colored Background I have also used just a three sided poster board for my background. Can you believe it? I know! It’s crazy but it’s true! It’s a cost effective way to get the look and feel you want without spending an arm and a leg. Check out this example I have here. And also one of my friends, Heather Traska, who has an AMAZING voice, she’s used colored poster board as well. Check out her video here!

3. Use A Wall With Decals On It You can also just sit in front of a beautiful wall that has decals on it and that may give you a easy and professional look.

I’d love to hear from you, what are some background ideas that you can think of? Share down below!!

If YOU have a question you want featured in the next video, then be sure to send me a message straight to my Youtube inbox!

See you guys next time!

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Finding New Heroes

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  “When I was a very young, most of my childhood heroes wore capes, flew through the air, or picked up buildings with one arm. They were spectacular and got a lot of attention.

But as I grew, my heroes changes, so that now I can honestly say that anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.”
Mister Rogers

I recently found a really great book that has some of Mister Roger’s best quotes all in one place and I haven’t been able to put it down.

That man had so many wonderful things to say and he definitely appeared to have a great attitude on life. I’m sure his life wasn’t perfect but he seemed to choose joy and to choose to see the blessings in life rather than the challenges.

In this day and age there are plenty of problems. Just turn on the news and you’ll hear about kidnappings, bombings, shootings, robberies, assaults, and the list goes on and on and it’s completely unnerving. I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t even turn on the news too often just because it truly breaks my heart to think about the many friends and families who are suffering from the loss and pain of losing a loved one or seeing their loved ones harmed.

I often wonder, what can I do to make things better? How can help? Is this ever going to stop?

But when I found Mister Roger’s quote, it gave me hope.

I remember being young and also having tons of heroes that I adored and admired. As a child, it was Cinderella.

As a teen, Anne Frank.

As a young adult, Oprah.

My list continues to grow but like Mister Rogers, I have noticed that my definition of “hero” has changed.

It has changed from the fairy tale princess to women who persevered through incredibly tough times like Anne Frank. Or women who overcame the odds to become successful and influential leaders for their society like Oprah.

Even still, my definition is still changing. Now my heroes include the people who give of their time to the families who are homeless. To the individuals who encourage someone who feels down because it seems like their life continues to spiral out of control.

My heroes include the individuals who provided food, shelter, water, and a hug to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Or the many schools and churches that sent out cards to Sandy Hook Elementary school in Connecticut that experienced that horrible tragedy.

Remembering this gives me hope. There are still heroes today and even if our world has plenty of crimes and bad things happening, there are still many good people and blessings happening in today’s world.

We just have to keep our eyes open to look for the heroes or better yet, become the hero and give back to those in need.

What’s your definition of a hero?

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Hi Guys!I know that’s it’s been awhile since I have posted but I don’t want you to think that you are not on my mind!

You’ve actually been on my mind A LOT!

I have been trying to think of great ways to enhance the website so I can help you in the best possible way to lead a great life and one of the ways that I intend to do that is by offering life coaching sessions to YOU!

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I can’t wait to hear from you and to get started! More to come so stay tuned!!

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed with these 3 Steps!

Image Courtesy of [debspoons]/

I’ve recently received quite a few questions about how to deal with the emotion of feeling overwhelmed and I thought this would be an excellent subject to tackle since I can definitely feel identify with this emotion.

At any given moment, I am doing TONS more than I should be! 🙂 I enjoy multi-tasking and staying busy but the problem is that multi-tasking frequently leads to feeling overwhelmed and tired and so I have learned a few tricks along the way!

However, I urge you to learn from my mistakes and actually learn how to tackle this emotion with these 3 easy tips AND with two techniques that I have found to be most helpful!

1. Break Down the Task The first way to immediately start to feel like whatever you have to do is “do-able” is just simply breaking down the task.
When you see that you have to write a 40 page paper, that can really feel overwhelming but if you break it down and say I am going to write at least 5 pages a week, in 8 easy weeks you could have a great a paper (and that’s definitely great for people who are in a semester by semester program). That’s just one example, but you can do this for any work projects you have or even family tasks. If you have to clean out the attic, write down on a calendar what sections you are going to work on every day or week or however you want to time it. You may even find that you’re excited to get started!

2. Set Deadlines It’s not enough to just write down how to break down the task, now you have to actually set a deadline so it will push you to get it done. So let’s use the attic example. Let’s say that you’re going to clean out the attic within 1 month, every week you can dedicate some time to it and then write down when you want that section to be done. So it could look like this, “On Monday, I am going to start by focusing on clearing the cobwebs and removing any items that are out in the open and on the floor and have everything done by 7:30pm Wednesday evening.” Then you can repeat these “steps” until you finish!

3. Reward Yourself It’s important that you take the time to reward yourself for completing your deadlines and for following through on breaking down your tasks.
Most of us will respond better when we receive positive reinforcement and so do NOT reward yourself until you complete your tasks.

A Few Great Techniques!
1. 10-15 minute rule One great technique that you can use to keep you on track is simply committing to work on a task that you don’t want to do at least 10-15 minutes every day. It’s always wise to do the things that you don’t want to do first so it will be out of the way

2. Pomodoro Technique Now this is my favorite technique. I use this because I really like how easy it is and I am very goal orientated so I like having a goal to meet. Basically, you work for 25 minutes, set a timer and do whatever you need to do. When the timer goes off, take a 5 minute break. Walk around, get something to drink, etc. then work again for another 25 minutes. Do this 4 times and on the final time, then take a 30 minute (well deserved) break! I find that I complete more tasks when I use this technique.

I’d love to hear from you! What do you do when you feel overwhelmed? How do you get things do whenever that emotion comes up? Let me know in the comments!!

Spread the Love Around!

Lately I’ve been thinking about how we can make other people feel truly loved and important.
In today’s world, it seems like we don’t focus on how we can be encouraging and loving towards one another on a more frequent basis.
Frequently we are sarcastic with the intent of making someone feel dumb or we insult each other as a “joke” and it leaves me asking, “where is the love?”
I know it sounds sappy but it’s true!

So I’ve been trying to think of ways that I can make other people around me feel appreciated and unique and then I thought, why not urge others to think in a similar fashion!

So the question is, how do you feel loved? What makes you feel appreciated and how do YOU show love to others? Let me know in the comments cause I’d love to hear from you!!

How I Manage My Stress: The List

 In our everyday lives, we are bound to encounter stress– be it good or bad. There needs to be some sort of balance to get us back to normal, though. The older I get, the more stress comes my way. However, I have been collecting different coping mechanisms for myself. Here are a couple of things that keep me from going completely bonkers!
·       Martinelli’s & Music- As cheesy as it may sound, after a long day of work, I come back to a very quiet house and I take advantage of it. I pour some of that bubbly apple cider and turn on some relaxing music (my favorite is music from 1940s & 1950s). After about 20 minutes of my M&M, I am super relaxed and continue my wind-down process. You can substitute the M&M with hot cocoa and a book OR water and knitting OR juice and the guitar. Get creative!
·       A Hobby (that’s not TV)- Okay, I am the first one to jump on my couch or in my bed and get my Netflix on. I have my queue. I hype myself up for a show or a movie well in advanced. However, it gets tiring just staring at the television and I feel bad for wasting so much time just lying down. So, I have put a limit on my Netflix consumption and found a hobby. Last year, I started taking up my ballet classes, which gets me pretty active. For those times I don’t leave my house, I have purchased a sewing machine and gone crazy with crafts! My brain is still active, but my stress levels start to lower.
·       A Walk to Remember- Pardon the subheading; I just couldn’t help myself! Anyway, after a long day of work (or in the middle of a busy day), my friend and I would take 20 minutes to stop and walk it off. I would grab my sneakers and take that walk, returning refreshed. It is also very helpful for shaking off that afternoon grogginess- Yep. I, too,  get exceptionally groggy after lunch.
·       Get Movin’- Exercise has often been something that stresses me out, but I learned to find something that I could enjoy. When I got my blood pumping and my body moving, I may have been a little sore, but I felt so much better (Endorphins= Happy Hormones)! Hitting that punching bag like I was Rocky, going swimming, Tae Kwon do, or Pilates! Whatever you like, just get moving so you expel that stress!
·       Just Scream- Yes, you are allowed to scream. I go to the farthest corner of my house and let it rip. This is therapeutic for me, being a naturally reserved and quiet person. Allowing myself free range to just let go feels very nice. The scream may resolve into hysterical laughter or tears. Either way it’s just fine. Channel your inner three year-old and go to town!
·       Meditation & Prayer- My top favorite. I work at a boarding high school and it is very hard to find a quiet corner or time block. I love this stress mechanism because it can be done at any time. Sometimes, I lock myself in my office and turn off the light. I have even taken a “bathroom break” and just locked myself in there.  I can even stop for prayer right in the middle of stress, and no one is the wiser.  *Side Note Thought: Sometimes, I let my students watch and hear me pray out loud to Jesus, ‘Lord, keep me patient. Give me a loving spirit, so that I do not start throwing markers/ Jenga blocks/ dodgeballs at these lovely cherubs of mine.’ After that, it seems to get mysteriously calm and quiet. Everytime.*

What are some things you do?

 Lunelle Bertresse has a big heart for working with the young people on this earth. She received her Masters of Social Work in 2011, emphasizing in child and adolescent therapy and advocacy. Lunelle is not working as the Head Girls’ dean at Milo Adventist Academy, enjoying her time working with high school-aged girls. She enjoys reading, playing the guitar and piano, and laughing.

Staying Positive When Job Hunting

Image Courtesy of [adamr]/

Image Courtesy of [adamr]/

Our country is getting a little better on the job employment front but many of us are still unemployed or underemployed and feeling miserable about it.

If you’re feeling a little discouraged about the job prospects out there, why not cheer up with this wonderful article that I found on

They discussed 4 really helpful and practical tips on how to stay positive when looking for a job and I just thought it would be perfect for those of us who are feeling the pain of job loss or are getting really weary from constantly looking and coming up short.

How do you deal with feeling discouraged about looking for a job? What do you do? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to check out the article as well!

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